World Environment Day at The Forum

Today is World Environment Day, an important day for the forum company because central to our business ethic is a commitment
to ensuring environmental sustainability. With the increased global demand to manage the Earth’s precious
resources, the forum company practices carbon–reduction initiatives throughout our business.

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to view more on our greening policies and see a few ways in which The Forum has contributed towards a
greener environment.

Malee(1) (1)We use locally produced products to support local industry and reducing carbon miles
Fruited waterHave jugs of fresh tap water available as opposed to bottled water
Exterior day 2Retention of Turbine Hall’s historical and industrial heritage was a priority throughout the restoration project, requiring minimal additional dressing / decor and facades. In addition, through doing this, we have minimised the amount of building material wasted.

The fairest book fair of them all

the forum| private label is excited to have been part of the vibrant Kingsmead RMB Private Bank Book Fair on 2 June
which aims to foster an interest in, and love of, all things literacy.

Our food stations were creatively re-named after popular and widely recognised books

Lord of the Fries – a selection of fried baby calamari, fish goujons and hand cut chips with a range of sauces
To grill a mockingbird

To grill a Mocking Bird – A selection of grills, including signature burgers and Prego’s

Charlie and The Choc factoryCharlie and the Chocolate Factory – A variety of sweet treats set out in line with the landscape as per the movie.

kingsmead book shelf

A book shelf inspired by RMB Private Bank and the bank’s focus on building wealth legacies for clients (volume 2012 – 2062)

passage to India

A passage to India – A variety of Indian foods such as Chicken Korma, Lamb Rogan Josh, Moong Dal , Sambals and traditional flat breads

A taste of India

An air filled fusion of aromatic spices, oriental décor inspirations, traditional Indian music and an exotic menu were the
highlight of our Indian inspired dinner at The Orangery at The Campus.
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