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Artisanal food made with love

Our Food Philosophy

We believe in an artisanal and bespoke approach to food, where we consistently produce high-quality, creative and traditionally-made cuisine. Although we appreciate food trends, we always ensure that they complement who we are as food visionaries before incorporating them into our cooking.

As part of our food philosophy, we’ve taken strides towards accrediting all of our venues as Healthy Venues. This allows us the opportunity to nudge people towards healthier choices during a time when they’re stepping outside of their normal routines to attend events and conferences.

Good Food Journey

Being an artisanal food producer means that we offer only high-quality, distinctive products made with love in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods. Nothing is regenerated or reheated from a pre-cooked condition and all our foods (except cheeses) are made onsite from complete raw materials.

We’re committed to sourcing and showcasing only the best quality, local and seasonal products. Our hand-picked suppliers pride themselves on being part of a select few that can claim true farm-to-butcher status. That means our meat comes from livestock that is precision-reared on family-owned farms, the natural way, using only sustainable farming practices.

As part of our food philosophy, we cook with a sustainable future in mind, avoiding all red-listed fish and seafood. Where possible we encourage our clients to make informed decisions to only consume fish from the alternative fish SASSI green list.


Our Good Business Culture

The health and happiness of our employees is always our top priority. It’s why we encourage our people to get active and teach them the benefits of healthy living and eating by hosting regular health and wellness days. In addition, we offer health insurance, flexible lunch breaks, healthy lunch menus and shower/changing facilities to all of our staff members.

gold healthy venue

We believe that good health and wellbeing begin from within. Attending an event or conference is a wonderful opportunity to network and share information but also a great platform to initiate and maintain good organisational health through healthy food choices, sustainability and physical movement. As a result of our commitment to healthy conferencing the World Obesity Federation (WOF) announced that the forum company is the first business in the WORLD to be awarded the status of GOLD HEALTHY VENUE! We have pioneered standing conferences, walking receptions and encouraging physical activities such as yoga or walking as part of any meeting or conference.


Our Keep Going Movement

We believe in encouraging people to become more active when attending conferences and events at all our venues. It’s why we always make sure our clients are aware of the active options available to them, as well as activities within the vicinity and local area. From Pilates and yoga sessions, to walking tours that explore the city, we offer a range of innovative options for a healthier event experience. In addition, all of our venues are fitted with free water stations and stock sugar-free drink alternatives.

what we commit to

Responsible dining – nose to tail and root to tip use of products
‘Be the finest’- a program that all our staff are involved in which teaches them about every aspect of the food and beverage cycle
HACCP – (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
Running our own vegetable garden in Lanseria
Sourcing food from local areas
Ethical food: no additives, free range authenticity, terroir driven and real fresh food
Strong relationships with our suppliers
Recognise the simplicity of a forum meal – we want to help our clients to choose the menus
Offer nutritious menu options with reduced fat, sugar & salt
Promoting and emphasising the healthy menu options & benefits of choosing them to event organisers
Offer smaller portions of desserts, biscuits and snacks as standard on menus


Our Food Philosophy

Discover how our creative culinary team incorporates our food philosophy into everything we do.

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