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With our collection of five versatile venues in Gauteng and the Western Cape, we have something to suit an array of personal tastes and creative visions. Underpinned by our signature style, fine food and quality service, each venue offers a seamless experience from ceremony to reception. In fact, the biggest challenge is likely to be simply choosing from our gorgeous selection of unique spaces.

opulent | fabulous

Triple Volume

Located at the forum│the campus, this triple volume venue is perfect for large and sophisticated weddings and celebrations. This blank canvas space, featuring a sleek bar and white marble finishing, is just waiting to be transformed into a grand masterpiece of your making.

This venue accommodated between 200 and 400 seated guests, or 800 cocktail-style.

simple | hip

White light

Located in Lanseria, just 20 minutes from Sandton, the forum│white light is the latest addition to the forum weddings venue portfolio and offers a neutral space that is easily transformed by each bride’s individual style. This simple yet sophisticated country venue presents the classic and fashionable bride with a space to realise her vision.

The venue caters for up to 120 seated guests.

regal | refined

triple volume

This venue is the perfect blank canvas for a sleek, sophisticated wedding set for royalty. Located at the forum the campus, the triple volume venue is a grand masterpiece for large refined weddings and celebrations. Accommodating between 200 – 400 guests, or 800 cocktail style, a perfect size for regal celebrations. The sweeping triple volume area includes a sleek bar and white marble finishes. Interestingly located in Bryanston at the campus office park, this venue is a diamond in the rough.

rustic I elegant

white light

A clean white canvas. White light provides the bride with a fresh palette that will support whatever her style or theme.

In stunning contrast to urban venues is the simple yet hip country venue white light. A new addition to the forum weddings, white light presents the fashionably classic yet hip bride with a space to shape her wedding inspiration. Located in Lanseria a mere 20 minutes from Sandton.White light caters for up to 120 seated guests.

regal | refined

The orangery

This conservatory-style venue is situated in the heart of Bryanston and offers a delightful country charm without leaving the city. With its sophisticated yet understated glamour, the orangery is ideal for intimate weddings. Designed to take advantage of the tranquil courtyard, this venue perfectly merges exterior and interior spaces.

The orangery is set with delightful finishes and includes wooden tables that accommodate 80 seated guests.

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