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Their Story

It was not exactly love at first sight. Zelphinia says that she actually thought he was quite arrogant. “Only after I saw him with his kids did I see a different aspect of his personality and became interested in knowing more about him. In fact, our first kiss was two years later on top of Table Mountain.”  For the proposal, Michael planned a romantic weekend getaway to a spectacular lodge. On the big day, they took a trip to the beach and walked along the shore – the setting was beautiful. After dinner at a beach-side restaurant, they returned to the lodge where rose petals were spread over the floor and bed. Michael says he poured champagne and they talked about their future, vision, love, values and priorities. Michael says, “We often talked about marriage, so I said, ‘If I were to ask you to marry me, would you say yes?’ This was a question she had heard often, so she frowned and said, ‘I am not answering that question and do not want to hear it anymore,’ – a typical Zel response. I smiled and said, ‘I will never ask you that question again except this one last time,’ so (with ring in hand) I asked, “Will you marry me?”  and, of course, she said yes! The vision that Zelphinia had of a ‘vintage elegance’ summer wedding came alive at the all-iconic the forum│embassy hill


Kusjka du Plessis

Wedding coordinator & décor:

Prickly Pear

Wedding gown:

Enzoani gown by Bridal Wardrobe


Pink Sugar